The KM3K Pre-Primer Sightwords App is finally on sale at the app store. It sells for $1.99. If you have a pre-schooler or a child in pre-k, this is a great tool for you to use to get them to start reading. As always, your feedback is welcome.

Keep checking these pages for information on the next Kidmaker app.


who we are

Kid Maker 3000 (KM3K) is a digital interactive company based out of New York City focused on creating learning tools for parents, teachers, and most importantly children. We take pride in designing effective, creative, visually stimulating and engaging tools that encourage our children to learn.

The KM3K Sightwords Pre-Primer is our first title and we are already in the process of expanding it’s functions, as well as expanding to sister apps which target other skillsets and age groups.